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  1. Admission to school from KG II-VIII are subjected to Entrance Examination provided vacancy exists. Such examinations are held after the results of the Annual Examination of the School has been announced and depends on the vacancy.
  2. For K.G I, admission notice is given in the month of July-August.
  3. A Candidate who has attended any school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  4. No admission is allowed to any class higher than Class VIII.
  5. Class XI admission will be conducted in the month of December-January.
  6. Regarding new admission the decision of the Principal is final and binding.


  1. If parents wish to withdraw the pupil just before the vacation months, they will have to pay the full charges of the vacation.
  2. Transfer Certificates may be given on payment of all dues and the transfer fee. The same may be given to the applicant after seven days from the submission of the application.
  3. Before withdrawing a student from the school a month’s notice is to be given or a month’s fee is to be paid.
  4. A pupil failing twice in a class in the Annual Examination is not allowed to continue her studies in the school.
  5. A pupil detained in her class at the end of the year does not remain on the rolls unless her guardian notifies the school before the beginning of our session, that she wishes her ward to continue, her studies in the School, if she wants to continue her studies in the same class, she will have to be present on the opening day of the new session.
  6. Clearance Certificate from the Librarian is needed before with drawing the ward from the school.