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Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School was founded on the 20th of April 1920 by Smt. Sarala Ray, renowned social worker and philanthropist. She worked out a scheme to prove that Education meant development of thought and culture that education brought in wider outlook of life.

Our goal is to form women alive to the needs of our world, with the knowledge which gives them power to act, and motivated by the love which gives them purpose and wisdom in their action.

The education of girls from every social background has to be undertaken so that there can be produced not only women of talent but also those great souled persons who are so desperately needed by our times. Our school is dedicated to the forming of a complete human being a centre where every child welcomes and loved.

We pay homage to our founder Smt. Sarala Ray and also Dr. (Miss) Rani Ghosh, her true successor, who successfully pursued plans and policies of Mrs. Ray.

Ideals and traditions have been built up through the years, and what we call the “Spirit of Gokhale Memorial” is a complete contribution of the Spirit of those who have given of their love and devotion to a Cause, serving it faithfully.